Thursday, February 17, 2011

pretty pinnies

Are you dreaming of summer days too?

It gets quite warm here in eastern Switzerland during summer (particularly in July and August). We spent many a happy day last summer playing with Ryn in the town's water fountains, drying off as we walked home. And to think I always considered myself a cold weather person before we moved here!

After seeing Rachel's latest find (at $2 for crying out loud!), I was yearning for an embroidered pinny for Ryn. They're perfect to wear out to play during summer and lightweight enough to dry quickly for any water frolicking you may have planned :) I had no idea Etsy held so many beautiful embroidered dresses! Here are my favourite finds:

Vintage hand embroidered pinafore by DashfieldVintage

Classic pinny (check out the buttons on the back!) by sassykidsvintage

Vintage sunny jumper dress by OhSydney

Bohemian sundress by Kyssa

What do you think? Are embroidered items a favourite of yours, too?

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